Skin simulator, unlock skins, play mini games, complete Stumble, earn tokens

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Apr 29, 2023

Stumble Simulator Skin Rewards GAME

Denial of responsibility
Warning : This application is not created by Kitka Games and is not official . Created for Stumble Gays fans

Stumble Skin Simulator is a mod for the online game Stumble in which you can unlock all skins. After downloading the game Stumble, I was visited by the idea to create my own skin simulator, this idea came to my mind when I started developing another BS simulator. I developed this mod for about two months, and after this time I was able to complete it. I still have a lot of work that would bring it to mind and implement all that I plan in the future.

What awaits you
• Fun Mini-games
• Stumble Pass
• Interesting tasks
• Lots of skins
• Added new currency gold
• For gold you can open legendary skins
• Pile of Fana
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