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Oct 07, 2022
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Zorp helps you build tools and native mobile apps for internal teams in a matter of minutes.

If you largely rely on Google Sheets and Whatsapp groups in your internal workflows, you might be having trouble with ensuring quality and timeliness in your operations. You need a reliable and scalable product that can bring in the necessary efficiency to make your business a success.

Instead of investing in large engineering teams and months of effort to build these applications, Zorp helps you build the right apps in a matter of few minutes.

Zorp does that by providing an easy to use, drag and drop interface which can be used by even a not-so-tech-savvy user to build powerful native mobile applications.

The best part, there is no coding, deployment or maintenance. Zorp instantly goes live at the click of a button.

To use Zorp, register for an account at https://zorp.one

Zorp is used across more than 12 different industries and over 70 different use cases. Some prominent ones are,
- Food Delivery: To deliver food to customer from restaurants or cloud kitchens
- Grocery Delivery: On Demand or scheduled delivery of Groceries
- ECommerce Delivery: Manage on ground inventory, forward deliveries, returns and pickups efficiently
- Home Services: Manage every step including work to be done, proof of work, payment collection etc
- Document Collection: Collect documents from customers or vendors including real time OCR and validations
- Mobility Services: Integrate IOT and perform tasks on the vehicle including pickup, deliveries, movement and repairs
- Warehouse Operations: Everything including inward, audit, picking, dispatch, billing
- Field Sales: For people on the move to collect and manage customers
- Pets: Pets services like grooming, walking and ecommerce

Some of the key features of Zorp are
- Central Management: Manage everything including users, teams, tasks centrally
- Reports: Comprehensive real-time reporting that help you make decisions faster
- Mobile Apps: Native Android and iOS mobile apps for the end users that can be used to execute tasks.
- Process Customization: A no-code platform to customize your processes end to end
- Integrations: Zorp is completely API driven making integrations with internal systems or other 3rd party applications seamless.

Zorp has the capability to integrate with any system that is powered by REST APIs. Some prominent integrations include
- Google Sheets
- Slack
- Airtable
- CRMs
- ERPs
- SMS providers like Twilio
- Segment, Rudderstack for event management
- Zapier
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