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May 13, 2022

Youradio APP

Youradio the Czech music application for listening to streaming music on your mobile phone and tablet.

Youradiem What can you do?

Listen mood
In Youradiu you find ready music mixes - "mood" that compose our programmers to different situations or activities.
For example: Music for running, 90 'hits rock hits, Summer hits, Relaxing music, energetic music, Czech Music, Spoken Word Tales.

Listen to songs
Enter to search a song that you like, and your music starts right mix this song.

Listen to artists
Just enter the performers who want to listen to, and they fold Youradio mix mostly of their best songs. Mood, you can save to your own.

Listen genres
Choose from 80 genres and listen to what you love.

Listen to his personal hits
Your mood #mojeHity contains songs that you give a thumbs up, and we think that you might like. Share your personal mix hashtag #mojeHity.
Try #mojeNovinky personal mood - the new songs added to Youradia, we think that you want to hear.

And how did Youradio easier to listen to music?
We focus on only the best selections of songs. It is not important for us to have every song in the catalog, because a lot of the songs are not good. This does not mean that we should just pop music, while we also mixes for the discerning listener.

The fact that we know what to listen, we can offer those hits or news directly to you. Each student is different, we need to offer the right music that he likes.

You do not deal with record music from a PC to mobile phones all the time.
Music will not take up as much space as if she nahráváš cell phone.

If you do not know exactly what to listen, let yourself be inspired by our mixes, or just select a genre or artist you love and get inspired.

Simple controls - Youradio plays differently than the radio, but it's just as easy to operate.

More about Youradiu

Youradio Premium for CZK 89 / month will additionally offers
• mood you can pausnout
• 180 minutes of music on the road to listen offline without an Internet connection.
• Music and applications are no ads

 You have 30 days to test the premium version.

Protection of Personal Data (Privacy policy)
Conditions of use (Terms of use)

Monthly subscription for Premium Version
Only the Czech Republic for CZK 89

Get a look at a monthly subscription via Premium Youradio applications. The price is 89 CZK Czech Republic. In just may tap the button I Premium, then you receive the information about the Premium version and the monthly amount is key for payment.

monthly subscription
Payment is deducted from your Google account. Before you pay for it and warned the action you need to confirm. Subscriptions will automatically pay a (renewed) each month through your Google account.

Protection of Personal Data (Privacy policy)
Conditions of use (Terms of use)

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