Yahoo! Finance official app Economic news, stock market conditions, exchange rates are all in one! Cooperation with SBI SECURITIES, the shortest 1 minute! It is easy to grasp the assets held, transaction history, and income and expenditure.

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Aug 21, 2023

Yahoo!ファイナンス - 株と投資の総合アプリ APP

<<< Main Features >>>
📝Yahoo! Finance Connect
By linking your ID with a securities company, you can automatically obtain your asset information and transaction history, and check them with the Yahoo! Finance app.
Notes and chart images can be added to each transaction history, so you can look back on your investments.
Register your favorite stocks to create your own watchlist.
Profit and loss display for stocks purchased at each securities company.
If you enter the number of holdings and the purchase amount, profit and loss will be automatically calculated, and you can quickly grasp the status of your assets!
Don't miss the price movements of stocks that you want to buy in the future (with memo function).
If there is an add button on the stock details page, you can register any stock, including domestic stocks, US stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchanges, investment trusts, and indices.
Up to 50 stocks can be registered in one portfolio.
You can also use it as a widget, so you can check the latest information without opening the app.
*You need to log in with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID to use the portfolio. After logging in, it will work with the PC/smartphone version.
💬Bulletin Board
Investors can also exchange information on missed news and financial results of interesting stocks!
Everyone's evaluation, such as whether they want to sell or buy, can be seen at a glance.
Please use it for future predictions and judgments when selling.
🔔 Stock Alert
Use the push notification function to notify you when the set value for stocks, ETFs, foreign exchange, mutual funds, and various indices is reached.
Conditions can be set from the bell icon at the top of the individual stock details screen.
Never miss a time to sell or buy.
* GooglePlay developer services are required to use stock price alerts. Please check from your device's Settings > Apps > Google Play Developer Services screen.
📱 Widget
You can set various widgets on the home screen of your smartphone.
You can check the latest information immediately at any time without opening the app.
There are six types of widgets that can be displayed: "portfolio", "portfolio related news", "individual stocks", "individual stock related news", "news", and "ranking".
📲 Cooperation with brokerage app
You can launch the securities company's app directly from the stock page you want to trade.
*Rakuten Securities, SBI Securities, Monex Securities, moomoo Securities (in no particular order)
We're getting closer to seamless transactions without switching between apps.
💰 mutual funds
You can search for investment trusts with various conditions such as trust fees, distributions, and returns. The ranking is also enriched (for net assets balance of 5 billion yen or more).
You can search not only by company name, stock code, fund name, but also by keyword.
You can also find stocks from Shareholder Benefits/Industry/Stock Rankings.
Enhanced functions such as voice search!
📶 Screening function (stocks)
There is also a screening function that allows you to search for stocks that match your preferences, such as the presence or absence of shareholder benefits, minimum purchase price, and index.
List of items that can be set for screening
PER (company forecast)
PBR (result)
Dividend yield (company forecast)
Minimum purchase price
market capitalization
The day before ratio
Shareholder benefits
Closing month
Display order
📈 chart
Full stock charts from 1 day to full period (app only)
The chart is very easy to read both vertically and horizontally.
Customize moving averages and indicators to determine when to buy or sell.
🔔 breaking news push notification function
We will automatically deliver the information necessary for investment at the necessary time.
・Stock market outlook (morning)
・Nikkei average (morning, noon, evening)
・Exchange (morning/night)
・ Stock search news (night)
・ Weekend news (Saturday and Sunday)
* You can set the necessary news from the notification screen of the menu.
✏ Easy share on SNS
You can share (tweet) charts on Twitter and Facebook from the stock screen.
◆Published genre
Stocks / Mutual Funds / Foreign Exchange / Indices / Money / News / Corporate Information / Performance / Quarterly Report / Shareholder Benefits
◆Terms of use
・Please use this application after confirming the Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use (including software guidelines).
- Yahoo! JAPAN Terms of Use (
-Privacy (
- Software Guidelines (
・The copyright of the Nikkei Stock Average belongs to Nikkei Inc.
・We are not responsible for any decisions made using this information.
・This application is not intended to solicit investment or specific products. Please make final investment decisions, such as stock selection, at your own discretion.
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