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Oct 03, 2017

Who Called Me Australia APP

Introducing Who Called Me

With millions of unique phone numbers in its database, we are the top reverse look-up service for mobile and land lines within Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States. Check out our website to get to know how we get the latest caller information from risky numbers through our crowd generated number database.

And now, with Who Called Me, we've rewritten our android app to include new and enhanced features to protect our users from risky callers.

Use our enhanced searched feature to gain important information about a number.

Caller ID
Get caller information every time you get a call from an unknown number and protect yourself from predators, telemarketers, and scam artists.

Block Call & SMS Notifications
Enable our auto-block feature and never be bothered by telemarketers and ads again!

SMS & Call Log Integration
We use our own algorithm to scan your call and sms logs for spam callers & messages

Contact Integration
With our enhanced contact integration, you will only get notifications from unknown numbers. Install the app and forget about it! But when that unknown caller comes, we'll be there to keep you safe!

SMS & Call Log History
Target numbers individually and review message and call history in order to get the latest tricks from suspected scam artists. Messages stored in our app can be easily shown to the police. Protect not only yourself but also the people around you!

Report Numbers
Got an unwanted call? Help out the community by reporting that number. Numbers that are constantly reported are automatically blocked by the system.

Read User Comments
View reports from other users to figure out who is calling or talk to other users and help each other out.

Are you a power user? Unknown callers are telemarketers 100% of the time? Don't want calls from private numbers? Customize our app easily using Light, Moderate, or Strict settings. Change it to your liking, adjust security levels to your preferences and more!

So many permissions! What are they for?


Permissions Breakdown:

READ_PHONE_STATE - This lets us display caller information everytime an unknown number starts calling you

PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - This lets us monitor your outgoing calls so we can inform you when you're trying to call a risky number

READ_CONTACTS - This lets us lookup your contacts in order to know if a calling number already exists in your contacts

READ_CALL_LOG - Using our own algorithm, we hunt down possible spam callers from your call log

MODIFY_PHONE_STATE - This lets us block phone calls

RECEIVE_SMS - This lets us read and detect incoming spam sms messages

READ_SMS - Using our own algorithm, we hunt down possible spam sms from your existing sms messages

INTERNET - This lets us connect to our servers in order for us to look up a caller's spam risk score

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - This lets us check if internet is available on your device

CHECK_LICENSE - This lets us automatically register you in our servers, no need to login!

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - This lets us display an overlay screen everytime an unknown call arrives

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION & ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - These let us lookup your current location, letting us complete the required number from an incoming call. 564867 -> 0256487 if you're in NSW

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - This lets us save spam calls and other information in your phone's SD card
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