All Telegram stickers compatible with WhatsApp

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Oct 26, 2023

WASticker - All stickers APP

All Telegram stickers. Compatible with WhatsApp or any other social network. WASticker.

You can create your own stickers or edit any sticker you want giving your own style or enter personalized text. Share these creations on WhatsApp, WASticker.

All Telegram stickers so that you can easily find them, you can get them with just the Telegram package url. Choose your favorite sticker and share it on WhatsApp.

You can select the stickers you want and add them to Whatsapp (WASticker) quickly and easily. You do not need to have all the sticker packages installed. Select the sticker you like the most and have a single sticker pack on WhatsApp. Surprise your partner and friends with new weekly stickers.

Find and make your own selection of stickers to your liking. Have a sticker pack on Whatsapp with your chosen stickers. Do not have WhatsApp full of sticker packages without knowing where your favorites are. Keep an order with your favorite stickers together in a single package. WASticker

Find the stickers distributed by different categories, being able to find your preferred package or sticker more easily. You can select stickers of women, men, memes, movies, series, love and much more.

Stickers are posted by users. If you think that the content infringes your copyright, send us an email: [email protected] or report the pack using the button that has all the packs for this action. Please note that such requests should only be submitted by the copyright owner or an agent authorized by him.

This application is not formally linked to WhatsApp or Telegram.

This application allows you to install these animated stickers directly on Telegram or share them on WhatsApp as WASticker.

If you are an artist, and you want to have a section in our application. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to work for you.

Telegram stickers in this application are published with permission from Telegram, obtained at [email protected]
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