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Jun 15, 2018
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Voice Changer - Voice Effects APP

If you want to change your voice to play a prank on your friends or just see how it would be if something happened to your voice, Voice Changer - Voice Effects is a great app for playing around to your heart's desire.

To change your voice with Voice Changer - Voice Effects, all you have to do is record your voice in that moment or choose a voice memo saved on your smartphone. From there, the app has a menu of possible filters so you can equalize and alter the tone of your voice.

With Voice Changer - Voice Effects, you can choose various effects, such as a kid, robot, giant, and drunkard. You can even make it sound like you're talking from the top of a mountain or inside a cave.

If you want to have some fun modifying your voice with just one app, Voice Changer - Voice Effects is a great way to do just that without running into any problems.
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