Speaks out the caller's name , customized phrase, calling name and SMS

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Sep 02, 2016

Voice Caller ID + SMS Lite APP

Speaks out the caller's name , calling name and SMS

how does this differ from other voice caller id application on the market?

a) voice quality guaranteed to be good for all types of phones
b) it can speak out the name of the person you are calling not just the name is calling you
c) allows you to customize a voice message for each contact which will be spoken out when that contact calls.
d) BlueTooth support

**** you must add contacts to be announced in the list
**** pro version allows you to add all your contacts with a single click

other features:

**** add your voice contacts first.****
* Only the contacts in the application's voice contacts list will be spoken out
* pro version allows you to add all your contacts with a single click
* if you wish, you may change the default voice announcement and add a customized voice message for one or more contacts using the "edit" button.
* add a default message to be spoken out before the contact's name for incoming or outgoing calls
* enable or disable speaking of the contact's name when you are making calls
* speaks out the name of the contact that has sent you an sms
* speaks out the contents of the sms (pro ver only)
* choose the volume for voice announcement. choose a level higher than your ringtone's volume
* choose whether to stop voice for incoming calls and sms by shaking
* choose to disable caller id or sms announcement while in call
* BlueTooth support. On some phones with 4.0 and later BT may not work
* select menu for more instruntions
* if you want to stop a voice announcenent when you are already in call (a new call is waiting ) then shake your phone
* if you change anything in voice settings (language,pitch,speed) you have to add voice contacts and pre-caller id phrases again.

the Lite version has the following restrictions:
* only up to 5 voice contacts
* does not read the contents of an SMS just the sender's name
* only one customized voice message

please consider upgrading to pro version to lift these restrictions
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