Discover the painters who crossed the American territories in the 19th century

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Nov 28, 2023

Viaje al Oeste GAME

Discover the great painters who, In the nineteenth century, entered the unknown North American territories and discovered the ways of life of the tribes that inhabited there. Different accounts, Context maps and historical-artistic commentaries will help to get to know the works of artists such as George Catlin, Henry Lewis, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, Karl Bodmer or Frederic Remington. As well as the contribution of these to the already famous stories about “Indians and cowboys”.

For the most creative is the chapter “The Library of the Forest”, In this event, users will be able to get to know the work of contemporary creator Miguel Ángel Blanco and make a discovery game based on different hidden treasures with which to pay tribute to the artist himself and the protagonists of the Far West.
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