Bring your mobile to life with the Veemee Avatar Live Wallpaper!

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Feb 25, 2017
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Veemee Avatar Live Wallpaper APP

Bring your device to life with the free Veemee Avatar Live Wallpaper. It’s like nothing you've ever seen before on your home screen!

Discover your friend on the inside and be amazed as they experience your world and your actions. Watch as they make your phone their home - interact and play with your Veemee directly by tapping, touching, swiping, tilting and shaking - and just wait until your Veemee starts sharing its thoughts with you!

Download today and discover the Veemee Live Wallpaper right now to enjoy the following features for free:

• Choose 1 of 8 cool pre-made Veemees to live on your device
• Interact with them in ever expanding ways – try shaking, poking or throwing them around. There are always loads of new animations and interactions to discover.
• Check out what your Veemee is thinking by tapping on their ‘Think Links’ with cool new stuff every day.
• Awesome visual effects and Veemee animations in response to your local weather forecast.
• Play any music and watch your Veemee get down and dance!

* Want to enhance your Veemee Live Wallpaper experience? How about creating your very own customized Veemee character? Download the Veemee Creator App for free!! Signup for an account and collect your 2000 free Gems!! Check it out!

* Want to save your Veemee from being squished by a giant rock? Download Veemee Temple Tumble for free!! Check it out!

* Want to make cool videos with your Veemee? Download the Veemee Video app for free!! Check it out!

* Want to play a game against your Veemee? Download Veemee Tap Tennis for free!! Check it out!

Be sure to keep your app up to date as the Veemee world is growing daily and there’s always another surprise for you to find and explore!

Veemee - It’s Virtually You!
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