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Jun 27, 2017
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URL Shortener - Earn Money APP

URL Shortener - Earn Money is an interesting app that makes it super easy to monetize your website or your online activity. If you're looking for a tool to make some extra cash without too much effort, then this app is for you.

In URL Shortener - Earn Money, you'll find a collection of some of the best websites, servers, and platforms dedicated to link monetization. In general the process is always the same and is super simple: all you have to do is transform the link you want into a shorter one through their programs and you'll receive money every time someone clicks on it. It's that simple.

The app is easy to use and the design is intuitive. In the pull-out menu you can directly access the collection of websites that help you monetize your links. It's something specific that not many people know about, although there are plenty of providers. The fact that URL Shortener - Earn Money provides a selection of the best and put them all together in one place is especially useful and convenient.

Take a look at URL Shortener - Earn Money, decide what platform works best for you, and start earning a little extra moolah today!
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