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Aug 21, 2018

Ujjawal Browser APP

Ujjawal Browser is a browser that’s spectacularly organized! All the buttons are located on the lower part of the screen which means the upper part is wide open for you to browse as you wish.

Although most of the browsing bars are located on the upper part of the screen (just like on your computer) by placing it at the bottom, it’ll be closer to the area where the smartphones have the menu and back buttons. This area is also easily reachable to your finger and prevents you from having to perform unnecessary movements.

The default browser is Google but you can change it along with the theme or the start window, which allows you to customize the app. The main window includes news segments from different sections.

Ujjawal Browser is as good as any other similar app such as Browser Leopardo or Chrome because if offers you the option of using incognito windows for a more private browsing experience.
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