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Mar 13, 2023

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Tugba Kuruyemis
Our company was established in the province of Aydın in 1980, and within a short period of time, it has spread throughout the country by opening new stores in cities in various regions of our country. It delivers fresh and hot products to our customers with over 100 stores across Turkey. The only thing we thought about when we set out was to present our products to our customers hot and fresh with the slogan of "Hot Hot Fresh". That's why we started from the very beginning and started to closely follow the products, each of which is grown with our quality understanding, from the field. Thus, our adventure of quality began.

Here Smile Serves…
We are trying to do justice to this slogan with all our personnel working in various departments of our company, from management to production. A smiling face and full customer satisfaction have been among our basic principles from the very beginning.

The name Tugba means goodness, beauty and pleasantness. The meaning of Tuğba for us is; the best, the most beautiful and the most pleasant. As worthy of our name; We are happy to deliver the best, the most beautiful and the most pleasant of all the products we have produced to our customers.
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