Measure magnetic fields with precision using the True EMF Meter app

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Mar 14, 2023

True EMF meter APP

Looking for a reliable and accurate EMF meter app? Look no further than True EMF Meter! Our app uses your phone's magnetic sensor to measure electromagnetic fields (EMF) with high precision and sensitivity.

With True EMF Meter, you can detect and measure EMF from various sources, such as electrical appliances, power lines, and electronic devices. Whether you want to test your home's EMF levels, check for potential health hazards, or explore the world of magnetism, our app has got you covered.


- Real-time measurements of EMF in μT (microtesla) and mG (milligauss)
- High accuracy and sensitivity
- Easy-to-read interface with a digital speedometer

, True EMF Meter is the right tool for you. Download now and start measuring the magnetic world around you with confidence!
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