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Nov 25, 2023
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Triple Match 3D: Puzzle Game GAME

Welcome to the immersive world of triple match 3d: puzzle game where having new and stylish free matching game!
In Triple matching gamma, matching and finding 3d items in a limited time, this addictive gameplay combines the excitement of a match 3 adventure with the challenge of goods Sorting, providing hours of entertainment for players of all ages. You can power up your boost and speed up your mind. Many challenges puzzle are waiting for you!

How to Play?
Match 3D Mod:
There are bunch of 3d items scattered in the bucket and you have six slots to pick items if you picked three items of same types then the items will be collected and slots will be free. If all the slots are filled and there no slot left you will lose the game. So always make sure you are picking the right item that can match the pair of 3 items.
Goods Sort Mod:
In goods sort mod you have different items placed in the different shelfs and your tasks is to sort those item when you are able to sort the pair of 3 items then the items will disappear and there are more items behind the shelf items which will come to front when their shelf become empty so think wisely before matching a pair if there its no place left in the shelf your level will be failed.
=> Variety of well designed and challenging sorting goods levels.
=> Simple challenging level designs
=> Easy to play gameplay
=> Variety of your favorite food items like donut, cupcake, pizza, burger, cheese and many more delicious items.
Available for both mobile and your tablet
Tile master 3d is fun addictive puzzle game don’t be hesitated try this triplet sorting puzzle game to improve sorting skill and become a matching master!
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