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Mar 15, 2023

Tractor Driving: Farming Game GAME

In this village farmer's Tractor Driving game edition of vintage Farming pro you will learn how to play the bull , and how to buy crops to grow in a farm from a 'salesman of the bank of the town. you have to do vintage farming this time for this purpose you have bull , horse carts, Use them as your personal assistant to traditional style farming. First you have to walk to your tractor, or bull, or horse carts after that you need to attach the realistic traditional trailer. After successfully attached the traditional trailer, you have to drive your farm tractor machines into the village farm, sow seeds in the garden of your village, then Take bull with you and start harvesting of your own garden, then plough to grow green fields then continue vintage village farming until it turns green. When the classic loading farming place is lush green, you as a builder and craft person you have to cut the green crops as village farmer's duty is to do all alone cultivation is the best part of production, the era of farming machines like tractor, Puller,Trailer,Loader Trucks is new, we are taking you to to old times farming you are performing hunting, fishing and also was the hand harvester,Now leave your tractor behind do hand harvesting then go to the salesman of the village bank to negotiate for your crops price! After that you have to park your bull and horses! In this game you are as a village farmer responsible for crops, seeds buying & good Traditional Equipments. This Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming is a game to let you experienced the things of farming you never experience before with lots of vintage fun.

In Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming game you have to work as super farmer in green fields. You have to grow green fields like wheat ,rice, crops & Gram Etc. You as a super farmer have to look after Village green fields by sow Seeds in limited time Otherwise you will lose your farming experience.

Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming game Features:
- Play our super farm anywhere and anytime.
- Grow vegetables & crops in realistic way
-Ride on Animals Like Horse Bull as a superhero farmer.
- Super Awesome 3D design, environment of village.
- Easy understanding of game.
- Addictive gameplay of village farmer's vintage life.
- Endless fun! Living in a super village is always full of excitement,
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