Send and reply to messages in your favorite messaging apps using just your voice

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Feb 20, 2019

Touchless Chat APP

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VERY IMPORTANT: Please don't leave 1 star reviews because you can't uninstall the app. To uninstall the app you need to disable Administrator mode or simply use the in-app uninstall option. More info here:

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Supports your favorite apps!
Touchless Chat will allow you to send hands-free messages in many messaging apps including SMS, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook Messager and more! You can even add your own! Check out the full list here:

No root needed!
Your device doesn't need to be rooted to use Touchless chat!

Quickest way ever to open a contact and start chatting!
With the Touchless Chat Widgets you can have an icon on your home screen that directly opens a contact on its default app. Each contact has its own designated app, so you never need to remember which app you use for each contact again! Example videos here and here

Multiple languages!
Support for 15 langauges and counting! These include English, German, Dutch, Spanish and many more.
Note: not every language has its complete translation yet. Please contact me if you can help with the translations that are missing. Thanks in advance!

Smart Repliers
You can set Touchless Chat to only reply to messages while in your car or at home, for example. Or maybe you'd like to save all messages for later when you're sleeping and read them all in a row when you awake? Or simply automatically reply "don't bug me" if you're busy? Smart repliers are for you!

Android Wear Support!
Send messages from your watch as easily as you do from your phone! Say "Ok Google Start New Chat" followed by a Touchless Chat command and you're done!

Tasker Support!
Want to get creative? Tasker support brings unlimited possibilities to Touchless Chat? Want to flicker a light when you get a message from that special someone? Want to let someone know where you're at automatically? You can do this and much, much more with Tasker and Touchless Chat.

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☑ Ads will be shown
☑ Every message you sent will link to Touchless Chat
You can remove these with an in-app unlock

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to uninstall the app check here:
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Screen unlock may not work on all devices. It's known not to work on the latest samsung devices for example. Because of this on these devices you'll only be able to send new messages when the screen is on.

This app uses Accessibility services.
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