Math 3 volume 2 set of creative horizon books. Learn math with Vietnamese wisdom

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Mar 13, 2023

Toán Lớp 3 Tập 2 Chân Trời APP

Math 3 simulates the curriculum of math textbooks 3 sets of creative horizon books of the Ministry of Education.
The software is completely free to help, help parents less hard in teaching.

Application function:
• Display the content of each lesson in the book.
• Summarize all knowledge of math, Vietnamese and English programs.
• Provide many interesting exercises and increase interest in doing exercises.
• With interesting exercises, score and encourage, praise when completing exercises.
• With vivid interface, intuitive images, interesting to help learning quickly and easily.

The software follows the 3rd textbook program of the Ministry of Education's creative horizon series, helping you practice and review your knowledge.
Math 3 has many types of exercises to help train thinking and creativity.

This is the full version with all the lessons in the creative horizon 3 math textbook.
The software only supports learning and cannot completely replace textbooks.

Sincerely thank you for using, all contributions and support for the group, please send to gmail to help us continue to improve this product, wish you good study.
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