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Feb 17, 2023
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TNAOT - Khmer Content Platform APP

TNAOT--Information Aggregation, Content Creation Platform
TNAOT APP is one of the most popular Khmer Apps. Use TNAOT to get the latest information every day.

【Follow what is popular today, discuss with TNAOT users about hot topics】
You can find out what everyone trending in discussion in real-time today and the opinions about the hot events from users. You can also participate to post, join the discussion, make more friends, and be sociable.

【Daily fresh news, All kinds of information】
Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage includes fresh news, hot spots, economic, financial business, entertainment, Khmer News and International Headlines. Give you the latest, fastest and most completed Cambodian Content Platform.

【Content publishing, Everyone is a creator】
Be our content creator to produce entertaining or educational content that caters to the interests of the various target audiences. You will be able to publish NewsFeed, Pictures, Videos (Short/Long), and Articles. Share your surrounding activity & life anytime and anywhere, and broader your fans with us. Express opinions on popular trending topics and professional authors join the WeMedia(Content Creator) to get rewards. You are the next Khmer KOL/Influencer.

【Countless videos, Watch what you want all in here】
View all types of video content with us. Media Coverage, MoviesTeaser, Music, Games, Sports, highlights and so on. Make way and chill your time on your phone.

【Explore what you like, Favorite content is in hand】
TNAOT APP, A collection of different categories of content: News, Business, Education, Lifestyle and Entertainment and so on. We would like to welcome you to a local content platform that cover everything Cambodianess in your palm.

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Koh Thmey Technology Co., Ltd
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