Tic Tac Toe Game with AI technique. You need to get 5 X/O symbol in row to win

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Jul 16, 2023
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Tic Tac Toe AI GAME

Take it and conquer exciting challenges!
Test your intelligence with our Artificial Intelligence technology (AI).

With the powerful artificial intelligence technology we designed, it will bring many challenges – tense to the player but it will be interesting and intellectually useful. Bringing a new experience of smart board game strategy, full of challenges for human being.

Tic Tac Toe AI is an Intellectual Game with simple playing rules. The player will win in each round if he/she can gain a consecutive series of 5 X (or O) symbols in a row on a squared paper sheet (graph paper). There are 10 rounds in each game match and those who can gain 6 earliest rounds will be the winner.

The player can try with AI Machine on “1 Player” mode or with friend on “2 Player” mode in the same device. With "Online mode", player can play and chat with online friends or opponents from all over the world.

The player has different options of size for the paper sheet depending on their wish. Our game supports multiple choices on size, including: 7x7 board, 8x8 board, 10x10 board, 15x15 board, 20x20 board, 30x30 board, 40x40 board, 60x60 board.

AI technology is designed with 6 levels to serve the player from beginner to highly capable opponent with many years at school. The levels from Very Easy for beginner to Hardest for grandmaster.

The training mode in our game will help player improve quickly after each game match thanks to tactical advices based on the condition of the game match through Helps and Undo function.

- Play against powerful AI opponent
- Play online against players across the world
- Chat or send Emoji icon to your opponent
- Visit leaderboard to watch your rankings among your friends & across the world
- More fun and lovely X&O icons
- Share Gold-coins, screenshot pictures
- And much more...

Test your intelligence!

For any help or feedback, contact us at:
- Gmail: nhtai2004@gmail.com
- Facebook: fb.me/TictactoeAI
- Messenger: m.me/TictactoeAI
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