Create the strongest clan and rule the mafia world!

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Feb 07, 2024

The Grand Mafia-더 그랜드 마피아 GAME

Gunshots and explosions, robberies and assassinations are rampant, but they are also true...
A city of sin uncovered by a black fog... .
Boss, you're back!
The future of your city depends on your choices!

The Grand Mafia - The Grand Mafia is a massively multiplayer online & real-time strategy game. As one of the greatest bosses in the mafia world, create your own clan and recruit heroes from all over to form a powerful armed force. Use various tactics to defeat enemies and expand your territory. Collaborate with other clans to take control of the entire city and further gain the greatest power in the world!

▶Real-time battles between users around the world
Real battles between clans from all over the world! See all the battles taking place within the city with your own eyes. Will you fight alongside them or take advantage of their weaknesses? Will you challenge the mafia bosses or form the world's greatest alliance with them? It's all in your hands, boss!

▶Various clan functions, unite to enter the rankings
Clan battles, mayoral competitions, battles for governors, even battles to become one of the world's top 10 godfathers... … . In the mafia world, creating a clan is the best way to improve your fighting power. With brotherly loyalty like the sea, clan members and each other provide resources, dispatch troops to defend the mansion, and complete missions by facing enemies together! Become the leader of a clan, build a powerful city with your members, and engage in street battles to achieve ultimate achievements!

▶Infinite switching of world map, free battlefield exploration
Upgrade your radar to explore your city and expand your territory! Send elite troops to take down enemies, challenge street bosses or plunder resource sites to receive rewards! Secrets hidden in the underworld await you, the boss. If you're ready to dominate it all, get to the top now!

▶Construct buildings, collect resources, and improve combat power
Upgrade your mansion and install defensive weapons. Invest in economic industries and conduct secret transactions. In order to improve your combat power, you must make strategic plans to maximize the use of resources in your area. You are no longer a bystander, but a godfather who rules the mafia world!

▶Best strategy--member compatibility, formation, and equipment
Lead the battle to victory by freely combining 4 types of members and 6 formations: rioters, gunners, bikers, and armed vehicles! No matter how the battlefield changes, the fact remains that whoever wins the tactic wins the world!

▶Unique hero skills, realistic 3D reproduction of battle situations
Experience realistic streets, free exploration, and a 100% recreated city of sin! Collect rare heroes, form the strongest unit of 5 people, deal a fatal blow to your enemies, and become the secret weapon of victory! Experience a realistic iron-blooded battle with the hero's exclusive combat skills in a 3D simulation that perfectly embodies combat details such as thrilling street battles, sieges, assaults, street battles, and retreats!

▶Beautiful women and various related content
A vague and vain city of darkness, a single red rose blooming within it... … . Don't be fooled by its attractive appearance! Only by mastering their powerful skills can you rule both the black and white world and become a mafia legend!

Official email address: [email protected]
Official Facebook: @TheGrandMafiaKR
Naver Cafe: The Grand Mafia Official Cafe
Official KakaoTalk Channel: The Grand Mafia

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※This game contains excessive violence (e.g. blood from firearms or weapon attacks), inappropriate language, and characters wearing provocative costumes.
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