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May 20, 2023

Tarot Card Psychic Reading APP

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Tarot app 2023 - With over 1M+ downloads, Tarot Life has become the most trusted Tarot card reading, Astrology & Numerology app. Here you can get the right guidance for all your love, career, marriage, & finance-related problems.

Exclusive Features :
Ask Jennifer: Connect with our premium Tarot Reader & get instant solutions.
Live Chat With Tarot Readers: Certified Tarot Readers are now available 24X7 to guide you.
Free Reading with Gold Coins: Every day, receive free gold coins to access free Tarot card readings & other services.
Subscribe For Premium Membership: Enjoy ad-free reading & gain 10 gold coins every day to enjoy exclusive access & instant readings with Premium Membership.
Astro Unlimited: Subscribe to Astro Unlimited & get unlimited premium Astrology reports from One-Account.

Our Popular Spreads & Readings:
★ Love Reading
Get clarity in your love & relationships

★ Past, Present & Future Reading
Know about your life in-depth

★ Relationship Reading
Reveal & solve any hidden sentiments in your relationship

★ Conflict Reading
Understand the roots of a conflict & find clarity

★ Financial Reading
Get solutions related to your money matters!

★ Career Reading
Discover challenges better & unlock your strengths & weaknesses.

★ Success Reading
Find your accomplishment areas & get guidance on how to get there.

★ Education Reading
Identify lying concerns & choose the right field.

★ Health Reading
Gain deeper insights into underlying health concerns.

★ Intuition Reading
Improve intuitive abilities & boost your inner knowing.

★ Spiritual Reading
Dive into your inner self to discover your spiritual center.

★ Life Path Reading
Get clarity in your life & solutions & find your true purpose.

★ Travel Reading
Most detailed answers to your travel-related questions.

One- Card Tarot Spreads:
★ Yes/ No Tarot
Make the right choice & get answers in a straightforward yes or no.

★ Daily Tarot
Wake up with new hopes, guidance, & insights for the whole day

★ Card of the Day
Special Tarot readings for a daily personal dose of advice

Unique Tarot Spreads:
★ Birth Tarot
Know how your birthday connects with Tarot.

★ Resolution
Get guidance on how to successfully follow your 2023 resolution with a small in-app purchase.

Tarot Spreads:
★ Soulmate spread
Know the strengths & weaknesses of your connection & get clarity for your relationship.

★ Career Path
Get a detailed career analysis covering strengths, right career options, & much more.

★ Money Spread
Gain clarity on your financial growth with a 5-card Money Spread.

★ Birthday Spread
Know the lessons, achievements, and challenges that await you in your birthday year.

Learn about Tarot Cards: Understand Tarot with detailed descriptions of 22 Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Free Numerology Calculator: Using Life Path Number Calculator & Destiny Number Calculator, know your strengths & weaknesses better, your personality with Maturity Number & Personality Number.

Premium Astrology Reports:
- Love Compatibility: Check your love compatibility with your partner by our astrologers.
- Birth Chart Report: Know what your planets & stars have to say based on your birth details.
- Predictions 2023: Get a complete roadmap of the coming year with month-wise predictions.
- Life Report: Get your life’s detailed analysis & know your golden period.
- Timeline Report: Discover how the planets are guiding your coming months.

Free Astrology Reports:
- Daily Predictions: Know your luck score & auspicious timing & get accurate interpretation of your Career, Finance, Love, Family, & Health.
- Horoscope (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Here on Tarot Life, get clarity in your life & manifest a joyful future now with insightful readings & personalized predictions!
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