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Apr 02, 2024
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Mobile Taobao is an online shopping platform and mobile shopping app that brings high-quality online shopping experience to more than hundreds of millions of users. Every day, consumers from all over the world come to Taobao for "shopping": to discover good things, find fun, and share experiences... Taobao can satisfy people's life in searching and browsing products, adding to shopping carts, placing orders for payment, logistics inquiries, customer service exchanges, and posting shopping. Comment, share high-quality products, etc., and help you find more local life discount information. Open the APP is a shopping mall, go shopping without going out. Visit anytime you want! Intimate to meet your needs!

Mobile Taobao provides a variety of payment methods for online shopping, such as (in some regions) international credit cards, local banks, Alipay and other local cross-border payment methods, payment is faster and smoother! Simple and easy-to-understand trading interface, buying things is so safe, fast and convenient.

【High-quality logistics options, customer service】:
• Direct mail is supported in some areas
No longer worry about the cumbersome shipping steps, you can choose direct mail to send directly to your home.
• Local shipping available in some regions
The shopping mall at your doorstep can arrive the next day at the earliest, saving worry and effort.
• Logistics distribution area
Consolidate and ship multiple items together to help you save logistics costs. Currently, it has covered Hong Kong, China, Macau, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Some areas can be delivered directly to your door, which is simple and convenient.
• Business communication
Before purchasing, you can contact the merchant through the chat tool (Wangwang), so that you can buy with more confidence!

【feature of product】:
• Polaroid:
Saw a favorite item on the street? Take a photo and search on Taobao! More similar styles, more price options!
• Dozens of good things
Carefully select the trendy, easy-to-use, and novel popular products of mainland young people; gather domestic and foreign or well-known niche brands to bring you to find good things from all over the world.
• Taobao coins
Get gold coins every day, super cost-effective. Sign in every day, and you can also qualify for discounted goods at low prices.
• Get money every day
Invite friends to earn cash for easy withdrawal.
• Gather cost-effective
Official tens of billions of subsidies, big names gathered. Beauty and skin care, home appliances, life department stores
• good stock
Add "My Interests Tab" to see the favorites recommended by all kinds of mobile phone users, digital enthusiasts, exquisite lifestyle home, and neutral clothing control
• Watch live
Shopping while watching the live broadcast, entertainment and shopping are not wrong.

Information transparency, safety and security, experience a high-quality online shopping environment
* Netizens recommend unboxing photos, and the real evaluation is public
* Safe and reliable payment system to help keep unfinished order payments and protect the transaction between buyers and sellers
* Real-time tracking of the logistics status, the system updates the notification at any time without missing

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