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Jul 24, 2023
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Take the advantages of e-commerce without its risks with Taager app, a huge variety of products in different categories that satisfy most of your potential customers' needs, Taager allows you to sell and ship products that you don’t own and don’t stock, Gain without the risk of carrying inventory or making large investments. Start your online e-commerce business with zero investment today. Work from anywhere and make money online.
Taager is ideal for everyone who wants to start a successful solid e-commerce business. You buy at one price and sell at another, The profit in between? All yours.
Taager cuts out the unnecessary process of storing, shipping, and then collecting your profits, these save investing in storage space, stock, and the workforce needed to process your orders.

Why Taager ?
1- Lower Capital Requirement
Cuts out the unnecessary process to make a profit with Taager, however, you don’t have to buy products or worry about low stock. Starting with us means reduced upfront costs, less stress, and fewer responsibilities, with more time and money to allocate to other aspects of your growing business.

2- Diversity and Wider Product Selection
The products your customers want most, right where they're most likely to find them, choose from high-quality, winning, and profitable products at the lowest wholesale prices, in different categories, and start marketing.

3- Marketing Assets
We provide you everything you need to promote products to your audience (videos, photos, and content).

4- Highly Scalable
Taager covers delivery all over Egypt, Just spread the word and let Taager handle the rest.

5- Free Confirmation Call
Our skilled team will revise your customers' data, and confirm their orders.

6- 24/7 Customer Support
Ask us anything, anytime, and get the support you deserve.

7- Free Return and Refunds
We offer a 14-day free return & refund policy with which you will get the money back to your customer, With our policies, your customer experience will be safe.

8- Enjoy Being Your Own Boss
When you find the way, profit will come easily. Start building your online e-commerce business on your own terms, Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Start by yourself now.

How to earn from Taager’s app?
Browse sign up on Taager to Choose the category you want to start with, browse through a variety of products.

Market Once you find a product you want to sell, Start marketing it through the different marketing channels Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,...etc and start getting orders.

Earn Once you receive an order, forward it by entering your customer data into Taager application, Taager team will fulfill the order and ship it to your customer, without any mention to Taager, and collect the payment from your customer, then your profit margin will be added to your wallet.
Dashboard Track your customer order and how much profit you make through a custom dashboard built just for you.

Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both you and Taager. Download the free app now and find out your new way to earn money online.
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