Casual survival zombie game. Clicker, extraction of resources. Idle game.

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Mar 11, 2023

Survival Clicker Zombie Idle GAME

A survival game, zombies and resource extraction. Manage the settlement of survivors, mining ore, gunpowder, oil, uranium and other useful resources. Improve buildings and structures, discover new technologies. Upgrade your weapons and destroy hordes of zombies.

In this Survival Clicker you can:
1. Resource mining: food, wood, stone, iron, gunpowder, oil, aluminum and uranium.
2. Build and upgrade buildings that will allow you to extract more resources.
3. Accumulate Knowledge and discover new technologies.
4. Destroy hordes of zombies. Defense your settlement.
5. Increase the population, provide people with food, monitor security.
6. Complete the set goal and receive a reward.

This is a casual zombie survival game with simple rules. It's easy to figure it out. But to pass it completely - you have to try. Manage the settlement and distribute people to mining various resources.

It is also an Idle game with the following features:
1. More than 10 goals to win. Choose a goal at the beginning of the game and reach it to win and get a reward. Different tactics of the game with different goals.
2. Tired of playing by the classic rules? Activate one or more mods that change the usual balance. You can play this idle game several times.
3. Time does not stop when you exit the game. In offline mode, resource mining continues.
4. Zombies are getting stronger every day. Develop to survive.

Survival Clicker Zombie is the best idle game in its genre with many features. Bring your post-apocalyptic settlement to prosperity!
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