Number matching game. Find ten to clear the board in this logic puzzle.

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Jun 03, 2023

Spot Match: Math Puzzle GAME

Spot match is a math puzzle game of logic. Number match to make ten, and clear the board to succeed. Train your brain in logic and concentration skills in your endeavour to beat the high score!

Try this mobile game with a fun take on a game from your childhood known as Take Ten, Numberama or 10Seeds. Spot match, make ten & solve this math number puzzle for free. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s everything you’ve been waiting for.

Spot match math puzzle is a very easy-to-learn puzzle game and puts your brain to work! Spot the right numbers to make 10 and solve puzzle board. This game guarantee’s hours of puzzle solving math fun. Install Spot Match math puzzle now to have non-stop fun.

How to play:
· The goal is to match 2 (Two) or more numbers to make a sum total of 10 (Ten).
· Match numbers such, that rows and columns are cleared.
· New number will spawn when you clear a row or a column.
· Keep matching the numbers and making 10 (Ten) to make a high-score.
· Unlock fun boosters and hazard tiles as you progress.

The more numbers you match the better your score. Score more points with longer chains, (2+3+5 = 10) scores more than (5+5). This math number puzzle is easy to learn but hard to master. Tease your brain and have fun playing this engaging number game.

What you get:
· Easy to learn, math puzzle game.
· Hours of fun gameplay.
· Brain teasing unique hazard tiles.
· Hints to help you spot the ten match.
· New number game, that you’ve never seen before.

Challenge your brain with Spot Match math puzzle and have fun! Play this number game anywhere, anytime!
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