Dash Cam auto-loop video recorder with GPS speedometer & distance tracker app

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Sep 07, 2023

Speedometer Dash Cam Car Video APP

GPS speedometer with Dash Cam is an amazing and futuristic car Blackbox, free app for trip tracking with dashboard video recording in auto-loop mode and embedded subtitles. Your mobile phone can be an easy-to-use stand-alone dashcam for video recording, distance measure, maximum and average speed, current location and your start and end point on GPS map. You can have your trip reports for download, share and future use.
Why Use Speedometer Dash Cam Car Video Recording App?
Have you ever been in a situation where you saw something mind blowing on the road and thought no one would believe it if you didn’t record it? Do you want to record every moment of your trip for keeping records as a distance measure, mph tracker or speed tracker? Do you need dash cam car video recording for Blackbox proof? Or you are going to start your travel vlog? Here comes the Speedometer Dash Cam: Speed Limit & Car Video Recorder App that will make your journey awesome.
With built-in manual and automatic, auto-loop recording modes, the Smart GPS speedometer Dash Cam is always ready to capture exceptional moments while driving. Turn your phone into a complete car video recorder using Smart GPS speedometer Dash cam.

How to Use Dashcam Speed Tracker App?
A complete new and fully functional dashboard camera with GPS speedometer, location and navigation map and trip tracker summary report timeline is now available free.
After installing this very light-weighted app in your phone, you just need to make some initial settings according to your vehicle and driving style just for once.
- Select vehicle type (bike, car, truck etc.) for landscape or portrait mode for dashcam video.
- Choose dashcam video recording quality.
- Pick loop time that determines minimum default time to save your trip recording.
- Determine your driving speed limit and speed unit like kilometer per hour (kmph) or miles per hour (mph).
- Enable required permissions for best experience and core functionality of app.
- Now go-ahead to start your trip tracking. It’s time to start driving, name your trip, record and save your trip successfully and easily.
- You can record video; capture images and photos can be taken simultaneously during video recording without interruption.
- Your current speed, distance, video recording time and GPS map navigation is shown on dashcam video overlay. You can hide them too.
- Trip can be saved after completion as well. It is also saved automatically, if you set auto-loop time in settings earlier.
-After saving your trip, a report is generated and you can see trip details in “All Trips” tab. This trip report includes start time, end time, average speed, max speed, total distance travelled, trip start date, time duration, your start point and end point with GPS map. You can download and share this trip report anytime. This trip detail also holds your saved videos and photos.
- On the top of the home screen, you tap to find timeline of your weekly, monthly or all trips summary report with graph that shows values of maximum speed, average speed and distance measure.
- Further settings can be changed anytime while using the video recorder speed tracker app.
Video recording may be limited to save space on your phone. Once the space is filled, the oldest videos are automatically deleted unless they are marked for saving. GPS speedometer Dash cam can be set to start automatically when “driving detect” mode is on.
Our developer has done everything possible to ensure that all measurements are as good as possible. However, this also depends on the GPS sensor of your device and should not be treated roughly.
Speed GPS Dash cam is an advanced GPS Video speedometer application that uses the built-in GPS system to display the current and maximum speed. Suitable for driving and cycling.

Download “GPS Video Speedometer Dash Cam: Speed Limit & Car Video Recorder App” with collision detect and have a safe journey forever.
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