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Jun 18, 2016

Speaker Test APP

Whether you want to buy new speakers or just want to test yours, this is an indispensable program for testing the speakers.

It's is a simple sound generator that generates simple sine wave (20Hz-20kHz) or noise (white, pink and brown) that enables you to test the quality of the speakers (given that you know how a sine/noise should sound). Just connect your phone's headphone output with the amplifier input and press the play button.

The generator makes mono sound with support for various sample rates (8000-44100Hz) and sound buffer sizes.

NOTE: If you hear dropouts, that might mean that either your CPU is too slow (choose smaller sample rate) or you're out of memory (increase the buffer size). If you hear dropouts even on the most conservative settings (8000Hz sample rate, +100% buffer size), please let me know.

[LOCALE] English, Italian

SOON TO COME: log scale, stereo sound, phase testing support, other generators, UI redesign.
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