Find out if you snore or talk in your sleep! Record any loud noise at night

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Oct 31, 2016

Sound Asleep APP

Listens while you sleep for loud noises such as snoring, sleep talking, dogs barking, doors closing, windows breaking, etc. Starts recording after the loud noise for a set time. # of events to record is adjustable. In the morning playback the sounds and find out what happened last night. Each event has its time logged down.

**Please! If something isn't working right on your phone let me know through email and give me a chance to fix it before you leave a bad review! There are so many different types of Android phones out there (different hardware inside), I don't have the money to buy all of them to test.**

Did you snore? Do you talk in your sleep? What was the dog barking at? What time did that happen? Was that in my dream or did it really happen?

Simply set the # of events to capture and the length of time for each. Calibrate for a suggested trigger level or select your own, then start the program and go to sleep.

In the morning just press on the recording you want to hear.
Long press to save for later or share via email, bluetooth, etc.

Now Available:
Sound Asleep Pro
-No Ads
-Support for both Portrait and Landscape Modes
-More Events (30 up from 10 on this version)
-Longer Recording (60s up from 30s on this version)

This is my second app, please be gentle with the reviews. If something is not working, please email me and I'll try to get it working.

Coming Soon:
More Features


Permissions Needed:
Network Communications: Full Internet Access (For Ad Supported Version)
Phone Calls: Read Phone status (shuts off the audio processing during calls)
Hardware Controls: Audio Settings, Record Audio (to use the microphone)
Coarse Location(Not GPS): For Ad Supported Version
Write External Storage: For Sound Recordings
Bluetooth: For Bluetooth Mic Setting
Sticky Broadcasts: For Bluetooth Mic Setting
Billing: For Upgrades Store
Vibrate: For Wake Up Option
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