Show captured sound in time (Osciloscope) and frequency (Spectrum, Spectrogram).

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Mar 26, 2018

Sound Analyzer APP

News: March. 2018 : v1.12 Release:
- there is a release of new version available for use & testing. Main novelty is possibility to select among several sampling rates ( 8000 - 48000Hz ).

Since this is a release after some time, we would kindly ask more experienced users to try this release and let us know how it works for you (on email Any opinion, review, suggestion is more than welcomed. Thanks in advance for your help and effort.

Analyze sound you hear with your smartphone or tablet. See sound content in time and frequency in identify leading frequencies. With this tool you can analyze any sound you wish (playing instrument, singing, whistle, car engine, animal sounds, etc...)

Analyse captured audio from microphone in three separate panels:
- Osciloscope (time domain),
- Spectrum (instantaneous frequency domain),
- Spectrogram (accumulative frequency domain).

You can display all panels at once (default screen). If you want to see each panel at full-screen, you can simply click on panel and it will be shown full-screen with additional settings that can be changed by pressing buttons. Display can also be paused to take screenshots.

In Spectrum panel values of one or five leading frequencies can also be displayed. Linear or Logarithmic magnitude scale can be chosen. For better peak frequency estimation, special algorithm is applied.

Please share your experience with us. We will do our best to make this application better.

The Internet permissions are used for ads only.
The Audio permission is for audio capture & analysis only (no samples are recorded).
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