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Sep 16, 2023

Soul Launcher! - Tower Defense GAME

Enjoy an easy tower defense game!
🏆 Selected as one of the Top 10 Indie Games at the Google Play Indie Game Festival

In Soul World, monsters are tormenting citizens in every corner! The citizens cannot resist the powerful force of the monsters! However, where there is darkness, there is also light.

Exorcists in Soul World have risen to exterminate the monsters! The exorcists possess high physical abilities and shooting skills. Moreover, powerful spirits help the exorcists! Use the exorcists' power to exterminate the evil monsters and rescue the citizens!


⏩ Enjoy a classic shooting game!
⏩ Experience the world of dot and pixel graphics!
⏩ Enjoy the thrill of roguelike structure!
⏩ Collect various spirits to assist you!
⏩ Enjoy combat in the style of pinball games!
⏩ Create your deck for tower defense!
⏩ Experience the fun of collecting allies and defense simultaneously!
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