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Dec 17, 2023

Solitaire - The Clean One GAME

Introducing our beautiful and clean Solitaire app. Our Solitaire game is designed with a minimalist and modern look, offering a refreshing and relaxing experience for all Solitaire lovers.

"Let the physical cards stay in the physical world." - We've ditched the traditional playing card concept and instead, rethought the design to create a clean and minimalistic appearance. Keeping all the essential information needed to play Klondike, our cards are designed to adapt seamlessly to any situation, transitioning from one state to another in a smooth and fluid motion. This makes for an immersive Solitaire experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Our Solitaire app is easy to play but difficult to master. With beautiful graphics and fluid animations, you'll enjoy every moment of playing this classic card game.

Key features:
- Klondike (draw 1 or 3 cards)
- Clean looks
- Smooth animations
- Plenty of themes
- Ultra-fast undo & redo
- Autosave
- Free
- Offline
- Optimized for mobile and tablet devices

Download 'Solitaire - The Clean One' today and discover the beauty of simplicity in Solitaire.

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