Sneakers Quiz - Gues Colorway, a game where you need to Guess Colorways.

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Mar 14, 2023

Sneakers Quiz - Guess Colorway GAME

Sneakers Quiz - Guess Colorway is a mobile game that challenges players to test their knowledge of popular sneaker colorways. The game features images of various sneakers, and players must guess the correct colorway of each shoe.

The game includes multiple levels, each with increasing difficulty. In the early levels, players will see popular sneaker models such as Nike Air Jordans, Nike Air Maxes, and Adidas Yeezys, while later levels may include more obscure or limited edition sneaker releases.

Players can earn points for correct answers and can also earn bonuses for answering quickly. The game also features a leaderboard where players can see how they stack up against other players.

Sneakers Quiz - Guess Colorway is an entertaining game for sneaker enthusiasts or anyone who loves a good trivia challenge. It can also be a great way to learn more about popular sneaker releases and their unique colorways.

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