SMS forwarding, SMS auto reply, SMS schedule. The most important things for SMS.

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Jun 21, 2016
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SMS Manager lite APP

Unlike the full version:
- You can not use all functions simultaneously (only one - at the moment).
- There is no widget on the desktop for quick on-off.
- No “hide sms” option.
- In automatic response is not possible to create 5 different versions (only one).
- Well, advertising. How to make it without ads.
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Here you can find the most useful options for working with SMS-messages: forwarding SMS (redirecting), SMS - automatic response, SMS scheduler.
Users often write asking integrate adding groups (of contacts) to send a message. So, first, we will add this feature in about 2 months. Second, we are creating a new application that will allow SMS sending schedule for events and groups.
If you find somewhere a similar program, which will be free and has similar functionality. Send us the link and we promise to shave bald.

1. SMS Scheduler:
- Large messages are not split into smaller ones.
- The frequency of sending: from hourly - up to annually.
- Limit the repeat sending up to 10 copies of your messages with a given frequency.
- 29 languages.
- Reminder about sending notice: up to 2 days before.

2. SMS forwarding (redirecting):
- First, it works reliably.
- Forwarding to any quantity of phone numbers.
- Select what to forward. The entire message, or just the first part.

3. Answering machine:
- History (name and time) of phone numbers (to whom your answer was sent).
- Select: to respond to SMS, phone calls and SMS, or just for calls.
- 1 answer, which you can enter yourself.

You can configure the limit for sending a single message. For example, you create a birthday message. It will be sent once a year. Limit of sending by 3 tomes. Ie it will be sent once a year - 3 years. After 3 years sending will be stopped. Or you want to remind someone to buy milk. Set up sending the message "buy milk". Set the frequency to send - once an hour. And the limit - 3 times. That is 3 hours (every hour), your message will be sent. Generally, the options of using this option - the mass.
There is also a simple but reliable forwarding (redirecting). For example, you have two phones. You go for a walk. Take with only one phone. And for second phone - set up the forwarding (redirecting).
The third option - SMS answering machine. Inscribes the answer, and activate. For example, "I am at gym, call back in an hour." And this message will be sent in response to calls or SMS messages.

The interface is available in 29 languages ​: Danish, Japanese, Indonesian, German, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Thai, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Polish, Bengali, Indonesian, Korean, Norwegian, Arabic, French, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish, Swahili, English.

The application is simple, but reliable. Lightweight and does not overload the CPU.

Still, what is important in our application. If you have a program which filters calls (black list). Automatic response of our application will not be sent in response to calls from blacklist. But only - in response to calls from the white list.
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