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Jun 20, 2016
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SMS Flow scheduler [OLD] APP

The limitless all in one SMS scheduler with direct-mail features!

Please download the new one:
It will be removed from Google Play on December 1st.

SMS Flow is a useful SMS scheduler that allows you to send personalized SMS without any restrictions!

Got a problem? EMAIL me please! I answer quickly!
I cannot help you if you only write a bad comment since I have no way to answer to you!
Moreover, I'm actually building a complete new version of this app, so it's time to send your suggestions now! ;)

If you move the app to your SD card, the tasks will not be executed after the next reboot. (because it is how Android works)

✔ Schedule SMS (at time, delayed)
✔ Direct-mail with automated text insertion (direct-sms: given/family name, date, ...)
✔ Edit scheduled SMS
✔ Enable/disable scheduled SMS
✔ Repeat SMS send (every seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years)
✔ Stop repeat condition (never, after n times, at time)
✔ Split SMS (lines, words, characters)
✔ Contacts filtering
✔ Sharing feature
✔ Roaming send option
✔ Unlimited characters count (no MMS conversion)
✔ Unlimited recipients count
✔ Backup/restore SQLite database
✔ Supports install on SD card

* If delivery reports are not included in your contrat, please uncheck the checkbox in the preferences in order to prevent extra charge!
* Requested permissions are explained on the official website!
* Anonymous bug reports are automatically sent.
Languages: English, German [Deutsch], Hungarian [Magyar], Polish [Polski], Romanian [Român], Spanish [Español]

* If you decide to send messages every seconds, you will not be able to stop the process since a lot of messages will be waiting in the message pool of Android! In this case, you can try to stop the task (MENU > Tasks) and then reboot your device. But it's not guaranteed to work!

If you wanna vote for new features, go here:

JoMegaSoft shall NOT be held responsible in any way neither for the use you make of this software nor for any software issue.

Twitter: @JoMegaSoft
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