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Jan 03, 2024
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Simulado Carteira de Motorista APP

🚗 Prepare for the DMV test with our amazing DMV Simulation APP!

🌐 Study anywhere, even without internet!
📍 Available for all states, including RJ, SP, MG and many others. Just download, choose your state and start studying.

🙌 Developed to guarantee your confidence in carrying out the theoretical test, whether for the first license or renewal.

📱 Key app features:
Take complete simulations or answer individual questions.
Time count and final report to track your performance.
Learn to identify road signs.
Study by subject for easier learning.
View your score and see which questions you got wrong or right.
Performance chart to track your progress.

🔢 Questions:
Solve questions and check feedback instantly.
Randomly generated questions for a diverse experience.
Hundreds of questions available to study for the CNH test.

🚘 Driving simulator:
Perform as many simulations as you want.
Track your performance with charts and review past tests.

📝 About the tests:
The tests contain 30 to 40 questions that must be answered within 1 hour.
Tests adapted for each state (for example, RJ, SP and MG have 30 questions, while DF has 40).

📊 Study by topics:
Get a detailed report of the topics you got the most right or wrong.
Topics include traffic law, defensive driving, traffic medicine, the environment, and basic mechanics.

🎯 Our goal is to prepare you comprehensively, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the question format and develop effective strategies to get the best results.

📊 Track your progress as you go, identify your strong areas and areas that need more attention. Take the opportunity to focus on topics where you need to improve your performance.

⚡ With adequate and dedicated training, you will be prepared to face the theoretical test safely and pass it with peace of mind.

🚗 Gear up with confidence! Download now and start studying with our DMV Simulated APP!
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