Secret Call allows you to initiate calls secretly, meaning hiding your Caller ID

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Jun 17, 2016
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Secret Call APP

"Secret Call" allows you to initiate calls secretly, meaning hiding your Caller ID. This unique application gives you the choice to hide or show your number whenever you call someone.
You can even choose to always hide your caller ID for a given contact.
You can use this application populated with all features for free for 7 days-trial.

★ How to ★
1. Initiate a call as you do usually
2. Then select one of the adorable characters that will appear to hide/show your caller ID
3. That's it! :)

★ Features ★
▷ User friendly application with pleasant animations
▷ Choose to hide or to show your caller ID immediately before calling with 1-touch action
▷ You can permanently hide your caller ID for a given contact (and revert if necessary)
▷ Easy settings allowing you to configure a timer before calling
▷ Configure theme, images & color
▷ 7-days trial including all features
▷ pro version : unlimited usage (no 7-days trial restriction)
▷ pro version : add Free

★ Misc ★
▷ Hiding your caller ID relies on your network-operator. Some providers don't support that (i.e Indian operator)
▷ This application is not published in India any more (may 2013). Indian network operators are not enabling the caller ID hiding feature.
▷ If your operator is not on the list, do not hesitate to send me an email.
▷ "Secret Call" won't work if you have another call-confirm app installed. You need to remove the later to use the awesome "Secret Call" app.
▷ The cartoon character used are from

★ Contact ★
Feel free to contact us at => we will be happy to answer to your request :)
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