Schafkopf play and learn with the free app just like at the regulars' table

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Jan 05, 2024

Schafkopf am Stammtisch GAME

Schafkopf at the regulars' table - play for free - without registration :-)

Schafkopf, the Bavarian card game classic! Play it now and learn Schafkopf on the free app with beautiful voice output just like at the regulars' table.

New: Playable in portrait and landscape mode!

Design your Schafkopf game with variable rules. In addition to reputation game and solo, you can choose:
- Wenz, Farbwenz, Geier and Farbgeier
- Bettel - playable with or without a trump
- Marriage
- Place, counter/shot, buck round
- More than 70 gaming tariffs can be combined
- short and long hand (6 or 8 cards per player)
- Junk incl. marching through or topping up

Also for Schafkopf newcomers to learn and practice:
- Three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert
- The eyes of the team and own tricks can be displayed.
- Game Tips: eg: Which game or map to play.
- Schafkopf rules are included
- the last game can be repeated
- Display of the last stitch
- Game speed selectable

"What did Sepp play with again?" :-)
The replay of the free app now gives you 3 more options to choose from:
- Exchange cards with one of the players. (Great for learning which cards your opponents play with)
- Reshuffle opponent's cards.
- Swap individual cards at will.

More Schafkopf Free features of the app:
- Different backgrounds selectable, e.g.:
* Bavarian regulars' table
* Simple wooden table
- Bavarian and French sheet selectable
- Ranking of players
- Game statistics incl. "My best game"
- all player names are freely assignable
- Zoom button, variable size of cards on the table
- Landscape format playable in any resolution
- Intuitive controls: just drag your finger across the touchscreen to play a map. Just tapping is of course also possible.

Card Images:
Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH, Leipziger Strasse 7, D-04600 Altenburg, a Cartamundi Company
Use of the card images with the permission of Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH, © 2020 ASS Altenburger Spielkarten

Play money only:
There is no gambling for real money in our Schafkopf app. There is no money or prizes to be won. According to German law, Schafkopf is not a game of chance. The games are intended for adults. Success at no-win casino games does not necessarily mean that the participant will be successful at future real money games.

Well then good luck and let's go to the Schafkopf regulars' table!
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