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Mar 06, 2015
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Ringtone Heaven APP

Newly born into the new design ring tone heaven!
OGG/MP3 was born to be playing all ~
Every day new sound will be updated.

Of course, is 100% FREE!
Good car tokeum / ringtones / characters sound / alarm sound can immediately tell a friend add to friends Popularity'm able to get ~

New versions of ring tones, the kingdom of heaven greatly reduced capacity
Easy to use, has been renovated to
Immediately, and you can see all the source files you want ringtones and
Tokeum car / can be used to accept only Allah negative.
Consideration the capacity of the phone ring tone heaven!

Mantra of topics /-aenieo / beugeum (BGM) ringtones, character, cacao tokeum receiving Want?

Mantra / aenieo / hear beugeum a simple notification sound / ringtone / alarm store!

Provide application down power, free ringtones, free sound character!

Smartphone cell phone ring tones you want from anywhere at any time be changed quickly and easily!

Cacao tokeum or character notes when setting up the phone off and Kissin after reset, please. Please try to fit every phone model on his phone how to set up a little dareuni.

Introduction to Menus

Famous beugeum gathered itneyo ~ ~ ~
Dooley from the gag is so ringtones or character, cacao tokeum Try setting

2 aenieo
Bonobono of Crayon's cute voice to the mischievous voice ~ ~
Character Well, the car tokeum haebwayo ~ ~
Are cute ~

3 myeongdaesa
By applying various movie / drama mantra (Kick) smartphone.

My Bell
Space can set or delete the sound in my phone.

When the download is not MEASURES]
1 Again by changing the environment (place), please try to connect the Wi-Fi connection should not place
2 Lack of capacity for the phone, I can not download. Please clean up the file or delete the application does not require
3 Earlier version of Froyo (2.2) version of Android OS, the apps are stored in the internal memory. Therefore, the lack of built-in memory capacity if the app is not installed. Secure built-in memory capacity, and free capacity, then please try downloading it. (App is stored in external memory, Froyo (2.2) Starting with version, please check the capacity of the external memory.)
4 If WiFi is disconnected App Download WiFi enter sleep mode during the download may not be available. Hope it goes into sleep mode 'Off' setting on your phone, and then try downloading it again.
5 Corresponding to the above if you do not, then turn the phone off, please try downloading it again.

[Note] Notification sound save feature is a feature supported by the SD card. Stored during the USB connection notification sound does not ring.

-Mail to picking up the error in your application how many modifications to help us.

Please send me the mantra, by e-mail if you would like to request BGM / aenieo / ^ ^

Please send as ~ ~ ~ ^ ^
Possible find and I'll look up ~ ~
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