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Mar 13, 2023
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RGB Run - Reflex Challenge! GAME

RGB Run is a fast-paced and addictive mobile game that challenges your reflexes and color recognition skills. The game is simple, yet challenging: you control a little character that runs endlessly on a track, and your goal is to help it overcome barriers by changing its color.

Each barrier in the game is a different color, and your character can change its color by simply tapping the screen. But you must be quick and accurate, as the barriers come at you fast and you only have a split second to change colors and pass through them. If you hit a barrier with the wrong color, the game is over and you have to start over.

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, RGB Run is perfect for those moments when you need a quick distraction, or when you want to challenge yourself and see how far you can go. So what are you waiting for? Download RGB Run today and start running!
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