Truck driver, always connected to your trip with the new Application Repom.

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May 31, 2023
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Repom APP

Trucker friend, now you have even more freedom to travel using the Repom Application. Download now, it's FREE!

Stay on top of all information about your freight and transactions, in addition to receiving alerts, announcements, news, entertainment and more.

With the Repom app you can also do your registration validation, change the password on your cards and hire exclusive services.

For you who receive shipping with the Repom card:
> Balance and statement of transactions:

Detailed information on your card balance and statement, so you can plan the use of your money and travel smoothly.
> Consultation of freight contracts. So you can see the time you need:
All your Repom freight contracts.
Values ​​of your freight, advance, credits, debits and balance receivable.
Tolls on your route and prices.
Repom accredited service stations (Rede Estrada) on your route and your fuel prices.
List of delivery vouchers that the post will request when rendering freight accounts.
> Consult the diesel price of accredited service stations.
> Consultation of accredited posts with a club on the road.
> Benefits club with exclusive services for hiring.
> FAQ with questions and answers;
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