Manage your bookshelf, get reading stats and set reading goals.

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Jul 25, 2023
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READO | Goodreads-Alternative APP

READO helps you read more. With a growing community of casual readers, READO is becoming the German Goodreads alternative.

* Import your Goodreads library
* View your reading stats
* Set your own reading goals
* Track your reading progress
* Manage your library and create reading lists
* Find books with matching emotions
* Get recommendations based on your favourite books
* Browse book reviews
* Use the book cover and ISBN scanner
* Get notified of new releases by your favourite authors

Import your Goodreads library
Import all your bookshelves from Goodreads directly into the READO app. Afterwards, statistics on your reading habits are directly available.

Check out your reading statistics
See how many books and pages you have read. On the statistics page, you will find graphs with which you can directly track your reading progress.

Set your own reading goals
Set your own reading goals and keep track of your progress. How many books or pages do you want to read this year? READO helps you reach your reading goals.

Track your reading progress
Update your reading progress to the page directly in the app. Alternatively, you can mark books you've read and READO will automatically calculate the pages you've read.

Manage your library and create reading lists
READO helps you keep track of your books. Simply add your books to your account via scanner or search. Import your entire Goodreads library and easily maintain your reading lists.

Find books with the right emotions
Do you prefer sad thrillers or happy novels? Do you want the book to captivate you with its suspense or do you prefer romance?

Get recommendations based on your favourite books
With the READO app, you can browse through recommendations compiled just for you. You will be recommended books that feel exactly like your favourite books when you read them.

Browse book reviews
Get inspired by book recommendations from Bookstagram, BookTok and BookTube. Unlike Goodreads, you can also find video reviews on READO.

Use the book cover and ISBN scanner
You can easily import your entire library into READO using the book cover and ISBN scanner.

Frequently asked questions

How are READO recommendations generated?
With our artificial intelligence, we analyse over three million book reviews and know the emotions, themes and styles of over 500,000 books. To recommend new books to you, we look at your favourite books in the READO app and analyse your reading tastes. Then we recommend books that match your reading tastes.

Who is behind READO?
READO is the brainchild of a five-person Frankfurt-based startup. The team has been developing the READO app for you since 2019.

Can I use READO without registering?
Yes, you can use all functionalities without a READO account. However, if you want to back up your reading lists or use READO on multiple devices, you must use an account.
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