Trivia with AI-generated pictures, a funny and unexpected photo quiz!

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Feb 12, 2024

Quiz Journey: trivia pictures GAME

Quiz Journey is a 100% pictures trivia where your goal is to guess what lies behind the images! It's also the first photo quiz whose content is generated using artificial intelligence!

And we guarantee you've NEVER seen a trivia like this: when human imagination meets the power of AI, it creates a completely wild and original general knowledge game!

So be amazed or burst out laughing at the many challenges offered by Quiz Journey! A journey is exactly what we offer you with 42 levels to explore, featuring the most unexpected photos you can imagine!
And since it's a trivia, you'll find answers,learn new things, and become a Trivia master! All while laughing at some of the most absurd images you've ever seen!

Examples? A selfie of Cleopatra, a farmer growing macarons in his field, an unprecedented self-portrait by Van Gogh, Voldemort sunbathing on the beach, a dog playing a piano concerto, twisted logos, fake movie posters, celebrities turned into minions, babies, men, women, Pixar characters... and many more surprises!

Each unlocked level holds a dozen of them for you!

So enjoy the journey and have a great time!
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