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Apr 09, 2023
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Quick Shortcut Maker APP

This quick shortcut maker could help us quick launch some common features by create short cut keys, Like:
Adjusts the volume with quick shortcut maker;
Locks screen with quick shortcut maker;
Turns on/off the flashlight with quick shortcut maker;
Checks the app info in your smartphone with quick shortcut maker;
One-touch dialing with quick shortcut maker;
Put the contact information of common contacts directly on the desktop. You can even set up a wall of common contacts with dialing function. Try it now;
and more and more short cuts for common features are coming soon...

This quick shortcut maker can reduce the loss of the physical buttons(the volume buttons、the power button) and extend the service life of the button.
Once the physical buttons are not working well, this quick shortcut maker apk will be a perfect substitute.

By this APP, you can :
1. Create a short cut to adjusts the volume .
2. Create a short cut to locks screen .
3. Create a short cut to turns on/off the flashlight .
4. Create a short cut to quick launch and checks the app info in your smartphone .
[ You can quick launch any app info installed in your smartphone. This feature is a great tool and useful to developers, because they had to check the app info step by step, from the home page, and then setting and next... maybe 10 seconds later then they get the app info. So it's boring. Now , they just need tap the short cut key in the homepage , then get the app info immediately]

This app requires Device Admin privileges to implement the "Screen off and lock" feature.

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