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Jul 09, 2023

QR Code & Barcode Scanner APP

Searching for a QR code reader? This QR Code Reader is your best choice! It supports all QR / barcode formats for android devices!

QR Code Reader Free can scan and decode all types of QR code and barcode formats including URL, text, phone number, contact, email, etc. It can also scan product or promotion barcodes in shops to help you get discounts.

QR Code Reader is super easy to use. Just open it and point it to the QR, it will automatically decode the QR code & barcode in one second. Try this extremely simple QR code reader now!

Why choose QR code reader?
✔️ Support all kinds of QR Code & barcode formats
✔️ 3X Faster in decoding QR Code & barcode
✔️ Scan QR Code from gallery
✔️ Auto-zoom to scan QR code from a far distance
✔️ Supports flashlight to scan QR code in darkness
✔️ All scan history will be saved
✔️ No internet connection required
✔️ Privacy safe
✔️ Price scanner for android -100% free
✔️ Lightweight QR Scanner

How to use
1. Point camera to the QR or barcode
2. Auto read, scan, and decode
3. Get results and relevant options

Key features:
QR Scanner for all QR Code formats
Effective QR code reader helps you to read and scan all types of QR Code & barcode including code 39, code 93, code 128, codebar, data matrix, aztec, product barcode (UPC、EAN、JAN、ISBN…)

Scan QR Code from gallery
QR code reader lets you scan QR code images from android device's gallery. Simply click "scan image" and select the image in gallery with this QR code reader.

QR Code Reader can scan without network
Even if you don't have an internet connection, QR code reader allows you scan QR code. Install the effective QR code reader and try this magic now!

QR code reader and generator
QR code reader has a QR code generator feature. Try this QR code reader and generator to start your business now!

Fast QR scanner
Need a fast and safe QR code reader or QR scanner? Try this QR scanner! It's the best QR scanner you ever deserve! Scan and decode QR code in one second!

QR Scanner is privacy safe
QR code reader doesn't collect any personal information or access to your contact list or anything. Only camera permission is needed to scan QR code. QR scanner is safe and compatible with your android devices.

QR Scanner for your preferences
The QR scanner has many options in settings. Install this QR scanner and turn your device into a portable QR scanner.

QR Scanner saves all scan history
All scan history will be saved in QR scanner. You can view QR code that have been scanned in the QR scanner at any time. Also, you can delete QR scanner history for privacy consideration.

Barcode scanner
The barcode scanner is 100% safe! The barcode scanner only needs camera permission!

Barcode scanner for android
Want a small size barcode scanner for Android? This barcode scanner for Android takes the least storage and makes the greatest effort in scanning!

Barcode Scanner app free
The barcode scanner app supports all barcode formats. You can also create your own QR code with this barcode scanner app.

One-step barcode scanner
This barcode scanner only needs 1 step to decode barcode. The barcode scanner will bring you an extremely fast barcode scan experience.
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