Return to a world of heroes and dragons in the legendary fantasy series!

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Aug 23, 2023

Puzzle Quest 3 GAME

The original Match-3 RPG returns with an all-new adventure, bringing the classic combination of strategic puzzle battles with epic monsters, unique hero classes, and rich fantasy stories.

Explore mythical dungeons, uncover valuable loot, and unlock epic gear as you embark on a brand-new journey to become the next Puzzle Quest legend! Start your quest today, hero!

Complete Endless Match-3 Puzzles!
Win the day by matching multiple colorful gems and deadly skulls in any direction to create devastating combos!

Discover your Legend
Choose from seven hero classes; start a new character anytime - no lootbox required!

Unlock Epic Gear
Earn loot from your travels and deck your hero with legendary weapons and armor!

Embark on an Adventure
Start a new journey anytime with regularly rotating Adventures and rewarding live events. There is always a quest to complete!

Seasonal Content
Complete story missions or take on seasonal storylines to earn unique rewards added with each major update!

Incredible 3D Graphics
Discover unique monsters, charming characters, and epic heroes fully animated with incredible effects!

Recruit Allies
Meet a cast of characters who join your cause and help you earn more resources or build new equipment

Collect and Equip
Earn different weapons, armor, and spells to take on increasingly powerful foes.

Multiplayer Action
Battle heroes in PVP and climb the leaderboards, or form a group with up to three friends to take on dungeons together in real time!

Stay tuned for regular updates and events, including new quests to complete and monsters to defeat.
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