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Sep 24, 2021

Project Activate APP

Text a loved one, get a caregiver's attention, or laugh along with friends. Project Activate is designed for people who are unable to speak or use technology with their hands, including those who have ALS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or multiple sclerosis, and those who have had a brainstem stroke or cervical spinal cord injury. This app enables you to activate customized preset communications by making facial gestures, such as smiling or looking up.

With your face, you can
• Play a text-to-speech phrase
• Play audio to express yourself or control a smart speaker
• Send a text message
• Make a phone call

With direct access, a loved one or carer can
• Customize communications
• Adjust the face gesture sensitivity

• Project Activate is designed as a general communication app and not as a call bell. The app is not intended or designed as a means to communicate in the event of an emergency or as a backup to any device that may be used in connection with an individual's medical care.
• Project Activate is not meant to replace a speech-generating device (SGD / AAC). People who typically use an SGD may find Project Activate useful for quickly expressing short phrases like “please wait” or “hah!”, as a secondary device, and on its own in situations where it is impractical to set up and calibrate an SGD.
• Sending text messages and making phone calls require that the device has a phone plan, and your plan's standard calling and messaging rates apply.
• If you are running Project Activate continuously, close the app or turn off your device for an hour every few days to minimize wear on your device.
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