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Sep 21, 2018

Power Music Player PRO APP

Power Music Player PRO is a music player for Android smartphones. Besides being an excellent and high-quality music player, it has some additional features that help it stand out from other similar independent players.

Visually speaking, the Power Music Player PRO interface isn't terribly appealing, but it offers some amazing features nonetheless. For one, it has amazing playback quality, and you can adjust the playback settings to your preferences with an equalizer that modifies everything from the frequency spectrum to the bass, all in an easy-to-understand way.

Just like iTunes, Power Music Player PRO can also function as a digital music library manager, helping you find the songs you want or filter them by albums and artists.

Although Power Music Player PRO's interface leaves something to be desired, it's easy to get used to its retro and minimalist look, especially considering everything else it offers.
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