Here comes a new set of sounds for all of you who love radio!

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Jul 29, 2016

Popular Radio Stations APP

Here comes a new set of sounds for all of you who love radio! Download Popular Radio Stations App and get new songs, latest hits and so much more.

Always wanted best radio stations in one place? Your wish has just come true! This cool radio brings along good music, new sounds and top radio stations all in one. Good radio streaming is very important for a popular radio online. With this radio app, there is nothing to worry about. Listen to new music coming from any music style and enjoy the days filled with nice sounds. If you like to listen to popular songs on the radio rather than your computer, Popular Radio Stations App is the right one for you. Do not waste any more time. Download the app now!

Get free music from the internet radio which will suit your every whim. Should you opt for blues, rock, pop or country, it's all there. And it doesn't stop there! These cool radio stations will play relaxing sounds after your long day. You'll be able to enjoy the sound of classical rock if that's what you feel like. Not to forget, for all those romantic souls, there is great romantic music always available. And for all of you party animals, stay up until the sunrise listening to awesome party music!

Radio Alarm: Choose a radio station to wake you up in the morning. In case your phone does not have internet connection and your alarm is set, the default alarm on your phone will go off.
Sleep timer: There is an option to set the Sleep timer for each radio station individually.
Favorites: You can use the option “Favorites” to extract a list of the radio stations that play all the new songs you like.
Call info: If you receive a call during radio streaming, the app volume will be muted during the call. After you have finished talking, the volume will be on again.

Android radio app will make your mornings, nights and all in between so much better with the sounds of contemporary music, jazz or any other music genre. If you like to listen to music online, Popular Radio Stations app is definitely your next favorite.

Don't miss out on the joys of life good music can offer! Download the app and wake up to the sounds of top radio stations worldwide! Check out the latest hits. Choose your favorites! Make sure the world knows life is good when music is in the air!

All the radio stations in this application are used with the permission of their owners. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

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