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May 20, 2020

Police Ringtones APP

Hands in the air! This is the best Police Ringtones app for your new Android™. You have right to download free ringtones right now. Sit back, pick up your phone and start to listen the most popular police sounds. We are very serious, we offer to you police soundboard with latest police ringtones, police sms sounds, notification melodies and police alarms. Loud ringtones and noisy horns are just what you need to grab everyone’s attention. Our police sounds machine makes real police noises, by just simple keyboard touching. Children can play police radio sounds, and make believe that someone of them is police officer. They can pretend to drive police motorcycle, turn on police lights and police horn and loud honk to bad gay. Everybody have to stop when police flashing.
This is very funny ringtones app. If you ever had a wish to play police games, now you have a chance to be a real police officer. Just turn on your cell phone and you will see newest keyboard with plenty of police tones, such as jail door, shooting sounds, police siren, police truck sound, police car etc. Variety of police ringtones effects can be useful, too, like police dog, empty gun shoot, whistle and many others. You can make police pranks with friends, and be real policeman. You can do some police jobs, if you notice that somebody want to steal something or do something bad. Just turn on police call ringtone: nobody move, or freeze, or some of police radio effects, and he will stop. These top ringtones can make great police noise. Assign different tones for each contact and enjoy these crazy and fun top sounds. Emergency sirens, suspect sounds, weapon, car crash, police flashing or police alarm – are the best ringtones to scare somebody for a while. You will love ringtones. For someone these can be an relaxing sounds, like somebody love nature music. Police app is for somebody who love fun and faster loud rhythms.
The application features:
- set as ringtone or contact ringtone
- set as sms, notification
- set as alarm
- set as favorite
Download free ringtones app and enjoy cool ringtones, top sounds and latest melodies. This is best soundboard with the most popular ringtones. Latest melodies, great tunes and lot of fun, all of these in this amazing app for free.
Everyone likes to listen music, and everyone has favorite songs. We are completely sure you will absolutely love this new app.These popular ringtones are for everybody. Pick your favorite free ringtones and enjoy.
The application is designed for android phones and android tablets, and it is tested on many android devices to ensure the best user experience. All ringtones in this app are under public domain or creative commons license. If you have a question or suggestion, just email us.
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